R&D Engineer-Backend

author Yawei posted on 2021-09-02 11:13 read 21

R&D Engineer-Frontend

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the company's product .NET/.NETCore route back-end code development
2. Able to independently complete the development of a module as small as a function point
3. Participate in product demand analysis, develop corresponding software modules according to task allocation
4. Have the ability to analyze and locate problems and solve problems, have a sense of teamwork and communication
5. Dare to put forward your own opinions at work, and face people and things at work optimistically

Job Requirements:
1. Unlimited education, more than one year of work experience
2. Familiar with C# language, familiar with back-end frameworks such as .NET Core, MVC, ABP, EF, etc.
3. Familiar with database storage technologies such as MySQL/Sqlserver/MongoDB
4. Familiar with Redis, Memcached, cache optimization mechanism
5. Understand microservice architecture, domain model-driven design, and multiple deployment methods of the system
6. Understanding the production plant system (ERP, MES) is preferred


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