software testing engineer

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software testing engineer

Job responsibilities:
1. Write test plans and test cases
2. Set up the test environment, ensure the independence of the test environment and maintain the update of the test environment, make preparations before the test, and ensure the stability of the test environment and the correct version
3. Perform the test to ensure the achievement of the test purpose
4. BUG verification According to the test results, repeatedly communicate the test situation with the R&D department, supervise the R&D department to solve problems, correct the defects found in the test, and improve the software function
5. Write test reports and analyze test results
6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors

Job Requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in computer software, system integration, etc.
2. Familiar with the test process, able to independently complete the test plan and test case design
3. Have good communication skills and a high sense of responsibility
4. More than half a year of software product testing experience is preferred


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