Smart Manufacturing Sales Manager

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Smart Manufacturing Sales Manager

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the sales and market development of intelligent manufacturing related businesses, mining and following up the needs of potential customers, and establishing a sales funnel
2. Responsible for establishing a good relationship with potential customers, conducting daily project tracking, and promoting transactions
3. Responsible for organizing various pre-sales work, including: product promotion, customer contact, enterprise research, pre-sale plan preparation and explanation, bidding, and bidding. To
4. Responsible for the follow-up payment tracking of the signed project, timely feedback and processing the business needs of the project
5. Responsible for completing the support and assistance of product exhibitions and technical seminars

Job Requirements:
1. Major in marketing, business management, information management and information system, computer, etc., bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of relevant work experience
2. Have good communication and copywriting skills, proficient in mainstream office software and copywriting tools, and have the ability to formulate project sales plans
3. Love marketing work, and am interested in long-term development in this field
4. Ability to carry out sales business independently, with strong customer communication skills, negotiation skills, and public relations skills
5. Possess strong learning ability, self-improvement ability and teamwork awareness, and can be on short-term business trips
6. Have a strong ability to withstand pressure, a strong sense of responsibility and a positive working attitude
7. Sales experience in related Internet products and smart manufacturing related projects is preferred


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