Internet UX/UI designer

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Internet UX/UI designer

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the user experience design (UXD) of the company's core products, propose improvements to existing products, and continue to optimize the presentation method
2. Set user experience goals and be responsible for the user experience of the entire product line; have a deep understanding of the product information architecture and operation process, and be able to independently undertake the interaction requirements of the business line to ensure the consistency and ease of use of the product user experience
3. According to the user feedback and data analysis after the product is launched, research the target user needs, experience appeal and aesthetic tendency, conduct usability testing on existing products, propose improvement plans, and continuously optimize the product experience
4. Transform the design of the product into a design mode to ensure that the company's different products have a consistent vision and user experience
5. Responsible for customizing and optimizing design-related methods, processes and specifications to ensure that the product provides a good user experience

Job Requirements:
1. Possess more mature product thinking and user empathy, good at information collection, sorting and analysis, and strong usability analysis of Internet products and user behavior analysis
2. Possess a wealth of design theory knowledge and successful product design experience; familiar with user experience research methods, have a strong product awareness, and have a deep understanding of product processes, user experience and user needs
3. Strong logic, good at communication, good innovation and learning ability
4. Pay attention to details, pursue perfection, and possess human-computer interaction design and user insight capabilities
5. Passionate and active at work, able to guide other members of the team, and have a good team spirit


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