sales representative

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sales representative 

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for collecting information of new customers and communicating, visiting and developing new customers
2. Effectively communicate with customers through phone WeChat to understand customer needs, find sales opportunities and complete sales performance
3. Maintain the business of old customers and tap the potential of customers
4. Communicate with cooperative customers regularly to establish a good long-term cooperative relationship

Job Requirements:
1. Good image and temperament, young and energetic, dreamy, right mentality, full of positive energy
2. Male is preferred, 20-30 years old, articulate, fluent in Mandarin, and the voice is infectious
3. Have a high enthusiasm for sales, and can travel for a short time
4. Have strong learning ability and excellent communication skills
5. Tough personality, quick thinking, good adaptability and stress-bearing ability
6. A keen market insight, a strong sense of professionalism, a sense of responsibility and a positive working attitude, relevant Internet products, and sales experience in smart manufacturing related projects are preferred


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