Internet Product Manager

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Internet Product Manager

Job responsibilities:
1. Participate in the definition of industrial Internet platform requirements, be responsible for the planning and promotion of industrial Internet platform related products, analyze the market needs of industry users, and propose product ideas, strategies and specific plans
2. Investigate, mine, and analyze user needs, accurately abstract product needs, reasonably judge the priority of needs, and maintain product needs, output product development tasks and proposals for R&D, and promote related productization work
3. Participate in product design work on the user side, and be responsible for product availability, user satisfaction and other indicators
4. Operation management and competition analysis during the product life cycle
5. Cooperate with the marketing team to develop sales tools, promotional materials, training materials and presentation instructions
6. Operation management and competition analysis during the product life cycle
7. Use prototypes, flow charts, PRD and other methods to transform requirements into documents that can be used by the demander, design and development, and communicate and confirm with all parties
8. Jointly plan and manage the product progress with the development team, promote the technical realization of the product, and control the quality and efficiency of product implementation

Job Requirements:
1. Have working experience as an Internet product manager, and have a deep understanding of product definition and design
2. Familiar with various product design tools, good at promoting business development, able to complete product prototype design independently, and write and output high-quality product documents
3. Have strong demand insight capabilities, good logical thinking, business understanding and communication skills, able to quickly and accurately express business needs and transform them into product system needs, including but not limited to the transformation of market needs and customer needs, Responsible for the top-level design of the product.
4. Active and stable, strong ability to withstand pressure, and have a certain sense of teamwork
5. Understand the industrial Internet, experience in platform products is preferred


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